NEW! Discombobulator Sequencer

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Evolving Euclidean Clock Divider Sequencer for Ableton Max4Live/Ableton Live 

Still hard to explain what this sequencer does, but basically it's some sort of "Evolving Euclidean Clock Divider where triggers define the clock of the second sequencer" ... or in a few words it creates rhythms slightly off beat... African influenced grooves, like a Kalimba, but through Maths... 

Obtain -in a matter of seconds- Slightly -or totally off- patterns via the RANDOM button.  The Random function parameters have been programmed in order to optimise the chances of a Musical result. The LEARN SCALE function allows to record the notes to be randomized. 

Each STEP can define a certain amount of notes (trig value) per bar, time quantised by the value of the division (div/val) resulting in strange and organic rhythms that evolve per increment.

If the DIVISION/BAR value is 16 and the TRIG/BAR is 8, this will result in 8ths notes being triggered per BAR. Change the DIV/BAR value to 17 and the 8 trigs will slightly shift as the Quantize value divides now the bar in 17ths of Bar... Basically the best is to try around in order to understand what it does, but -to our knowledge- no other sequencer does this...  

We named it Discombobulator because it's our most complex and probably most creative sequencer to day, and it generates musical and slightly confusing grooves... confusing because they're off... but not really... They're just out of the box. Definitely different. 

Designed by Alexkid

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NOTE: Works on Ableton Live with Max4Live only! This is NOT a VST!