NEW! Automaton Parameter Sequencer

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16  Step Parameter Sequencer for Ableton Max4Live/Ableton Live

The Automaton is a sequencer based on the same polyrhythm architecture as all our sequencers but designed to trigger different values to assigned parameters within ANY channel and Pug-in of Ableton live. E.G you can sequence the resonance and the cutoff of a Filter, plus the send of a delay from another channel, all this within the same sequencer, creating parameter rhythms.  

As always, the plug-in is packed with creative randomizers allowing you to simply experiment at the click of a button and further adjust if needed. 

Independent sequence increment features provide more creative freedom and Min and Max control features add flexibility to your sequence. 

Designed and created by Alexkid. 

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NOTE: Works on Ableton Live with Max4Live only! This is NOT a VST!