Sequencer Bundle A

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Get a feel for these simple yet powerful tools and explore a new side of your creativity in Ableton Live.

Updated and tuned to Live10 (fully compatible with Live11) with more scales, Push2 mapping, bug fixes, and a new interface, Bundle A will inspire you by creating ever-evolving hat rhythms, randomizations, polyrhythms, and melodies which you can add FAST.


  • Probabilistic Sequencer Live10
  • Cute Little Sequencer Live10
  • Coin Locker Babies Live10
  • Hats4Dayz Live10.

NOTE: Ableton Live and Max4Live are essential to run the plug-ins.

These plug-ins work also under Live 9.7 and Max 8


  • Probabilistic Sequencer Live10

16 Step sequencer allowing you to generate complex melodies ever-evolving thanks to the probability line which alternates between the 2 Pitch Lines (forced to your chosen key and scale) all of this possible in a single click with the option to fine-tune each possible outcome.

  • Cute Little Sequencer Live10

8 step sequencer ideal for generating polyrhythmic basslines and melodic loops forced to your chosen key and scale at the click of a button. Simple and extremely effective.

  • Coin Locker Babies Live10

8 step sequencer ideal for generating ambient patterns, partly based on a Euclidean (non-common bar divisions) in as little as one click of a button.

  • Hats4Dayz Live10

Ever wondered exactly how to make good hi hat patterns for house, hip hop and more? Quickly generate endless variations on your  hi hats whilst having full control over each parameter, or use the randomization options to cycle variations in one click via this intuitive 16 Step Ableton Sequencer plugin powered by max4live

For a further explanation on the full features and to see the sequencers in action, check out the tutorial videos.