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Sequencer Bundle C

Sequencer Bundle C

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We're getting serious…

Updated and tuned to Live10 (fully compatible with Live11) with more scales, Push2 mapping, bug fixes, and a new interface, Bundle C includes our latest plugins - created with knowledge acquired along our sequencer-making journey with some fresh twists!

We are talking CHROMATIC MODE, more steps, SHIFT functions... fully customisable user-programmable scales and Poly Euclidean Rhythms… phwoar!

If you liked our previous range, this is a must to push the limits of your sequencing capabilities within Ableton live - We're VERY excited about this release, it really is the perfect complement to our previous releases.


  • Automaton Midi Live10
  • Automaton Audio Live10
  • Press4Acid Advanced Live10
  • Discombobulator Live10

NOTE: Ableton Live and Max4Live are essential to run the plug-ins.These plug-ins work also under Live 9.7 and Max 8



  • Automaton Live10

16 Step Sequencer designed to trigger different values of your assigned parameters associated with any channel / Plug-in within Ableton Live.


  • Press4Acid Advanced Live10

Quickly generate basslines over 16 steps with monophonic glide enabled synths enabling you to generate acid bass in Ableton. This 303 style sequencer allows you to program your basslines using a customizable scale giving you all the tools you need to make the perfect acid bassline patterns.


  • Discombobulator Live10

A unique 8 Step sequencer allowing you to create slightly -or totally- offbeat Rhythms and African influenced grooves, individual control for syncopation and melody with pitch forced to your own programmable scale, programmable with the click of a button.

For a further explanation on the full features and to see the sequencers in action, check out the tutorial videos.  








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