NEW! Press4Acid Advanced Sequencer

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16  Step Sequencer for Ableton Max4Live/Ableton Live

Upon specific mod requests of artists Kink and Traumer, comes this ADVANCED version of PRESS4ACID. The big brother of our successful sequencer, Press4Acid ADVANCED is a dedicated 16 step sequencer orientated for Bass-Lines. Like the original, It features independent GLIDE and ACCENT sequence lines for polyrhythm options, as well as creative random features, new user definable scales  and added SHIFT features giving it a character of its own.

The new SCALE LEARN mode allows you to define which notes to be contained in the scale. If you only want a selection on 5 notes, you simply can play them on your keyboard for the sequencer to learn them, and further generate random sequences with OCTAVE SHIFTS at the press of a button. As the Plug-in is now Chromatic, you can manually set notes off key for extra weirdness. 

An inspiring tool to control any monophonic synth or plug-in with portamento/glide such as (e.g.) the Roland TB-03 or NI Monark. Can you pass the Acid test?  Designed and patched by Alexkid. 

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NOTE: Works on Ableton Live with Max4Live only! This is NOT a VST!