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Beat Shaker - 808 & 909 Flavor

Beat Shaker - 808 & 909 Flavor

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Beat Shaker - 808 & 909 Flavor

Introducing Beat Shake, a combination of Drum Racks specifically tailored to work in conjunction with the “Beat Shaker” powered by Max for Live. With this pack, you have instant access to virtually endless combinations of beats customisable with dynamic tilt and velocity giving you fast access to fine-tune the dynamic range of your rhythms.

We’ve also thrown some midi patterns into the mix so all you have to do is load up the Beat Shaker, select between the 808 or 909 flavoured Drum Racks, drag one of the midi patterns into your session and hit “SHAKE” to start simmering up some of your own spice. Shake the whole rack or tweak sections individually to bring an original twist to your productions.

It’s that simple and way more fun than drum loops.

This Pack contains:

  • Beat Shaker Max for Live MIDI device
  • Beat Shake 808 Flavor Drum Rack
  • Beat Shake 909 Flavor Drum Rack
  • 152 One Shots
  • 12 MIDI files
  • Mapped to PUSH 2.

System Requirements:

  • Max for live 8
  • Ableton 10.1.30+ or above recommended for an enhanced experience. 
  • 12 mb available disk space ;) 

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