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Beat Shaker - Electro Flavor Volume 1

Beat Shaker - Electro Flavor Volume 1

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Beat Shaker - Electro Flavor Volume 1

After turning our attention to our sequencers, we're excited to dive back into the Beat Shaker scene with the introduction of Beat Shake Electro. This pack delivers authentic Electro beats, designed specifically for use with the "Beat Shaker” device for instant generation and variations, powered by Max for Live. In order to obtain genuine flavors, we’ve recorded a collection of hardware through High-End and Lo-fi circuits so you don't have to. Gain instant access to a wide array of beats at the click of a button (Millions of combinations per drum rack), complete with rhythms that you can easily tailor through dynamic tilt and velocity parameters. We've collaborated with Sound Capsule for this pack, the same team behind the Beat Shake UKG, one of our top picks.

We've enriched this version with a selection of MIDI patterns tailored for the Electro genre. Simply load up the Beat Shaker, choose one from the three Electro Drum Racks, drag a MIDI pattern into your session, and press "SHAKE" to begin crafting your unique sound. You can shake the entire rack or adjust sections individually for a truly original production twist.

Enough talk… just listen to the demos!

This Pack contains:
  • Beat Shaker Max for Live MIDI device
  • Beat Shaker Electro Flavor Drum Rack 1
  • Beat Shaker Electro Flavor Drum Rack 2
  • Beat Shaker Electro Flavor Drum Rack 3
  • 228 One Shots
  • 22 MIDI files
  • Mapped to PUSH 2

Minimum System Requirements:

Max for Live 8
Ableton 11

Important Notes: These are for Ableton Live users only and MaxForLive is required!

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