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Like Pokémon... You gotta catch 'em all.

Updated and tuned to Live10 (fully compatible with Live 11) with more scales, Push2 mapping, bug fixes, and a new interface - all of our sequencers are included in this bundle.

Create polyrhythmic basslines and melodic patterns, sequence modulation via midi CC# or any parameter mappable via Ableton Live and create ever-evolving hi hat and percussion patterns - this bundle does it all.


  • Press4Acid Live10
  • Press4Acid Advanced Live10
  • Cute Little Sequencer Live10
  • Coin Locker Babies Live10
  • Automaton Live10
  • Probabilistic Sequencer Live10
  • Discombobulator Live10
  • Hats4Dayz Live10
  • Empirical Sequencer Live10 (Parameter & MidiCC# Editions)
  • Clap Machine Live9

NOTE: Ableton Live and Max4Live are essential to run the plug-ins.

These plug-ins work also under Live 9.7 and Max 8

For a further explanation on the full features and to see the sequencers in action, check out the tutorial videos.